Spring Student Internship

Student Internship Application 2016
Completing this form shows you are interested in being an HP Students Intern! What is the Internship? The Internship is a great way to develop your relationship with God, and take ownership of your Church. HP Students Interns lead and inspire their friends to find a relationship with God. If you're interested in becoming an Intern, fill out the application below and read the "About the Internship" portion at the bottom. Upon completion someone will follow-up with you to talk more.

What's new this year...

This year the internship will be offered in three trimester: Fall 2017 and Winter 2018 and Spring 2018. The Internship in the fall will begin in late September, and end in mid-December. The Winter 2018 internship will begin in January of 2018, and end in late March, and the Spring Internship will begin in April and finish at the close of the school year. Interns from the fall will have the option to continue into the winter and spring.
Please select all that apply.
About the Internship.

If selected for this internship, you agree to the following:

1. To live a life that reflects the teachings of Jesus.
2. Be positive and team minded.
3. Committing time to further your relationship with Jesus(Prayer, Bible Reading, etc.)
4. Attend weekly Intern meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month(3:30pm)
5. Serve on our setup and teardown teams each week(Sundays starting at 8am).
6. Be respectful to staff, leaders and mentor.
7. Complete tasks assigned to you by your staff mentor.
8. Be apart of GroupLife each week through attendance or serving in a Junior High Group.

1. When does the Spring internship begin?
- The SPRING internship will begin March 20th and will end at the close of the school year.

2. Who is the Internship for?
-The Internship is for students entering 10th-12th grades in the fall of 2017.

3. What are the time commitments?
-We will meet the 1st and third Tuesday of the month from 3:30pm-5pm. We also ask that you are involved in GroupLife, and attend Setup, Teardown and our weekly services each Sunday. Days off will be worked out with the staff.

4. How many Interns will you have?
-We will have 4-8 Interns. A smaller group will ensure that you have hands on time with a staff member to learn and grow.

5. What will I do as an Intern?
-As an Intern, you will be paired with a staff member to take on an area of HP Students you are passionate about. Each meeting we'll have a time of learning, and then we'll break off to complete any tasks that need to be done. Your staff mentor will work along side you to help you learn and grow throughout the process. We see the Internship as a platform for you to use your talents and gifting to lead and inspire your peers.


Student Internship Application 2016